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Absolute Kids Spa Party

Best Birthday Party Venue / Kids Ear Piercing in Milwaukee, Waukesha, & Racine WI

       Baby's 1st haircuts for toddlers, kids, and children.  Mu dan Baby Shave                                                   Open 7 days a week  262-938-5999

A hair certificate will be given with a swatch of the very 1st snip of you child's hair to remember this event.

Our salon provides fun hair chairs to sit in to make it a fun experience. We have children's movies & entertaining toys to keep their attention off getting their haircut. Bring a camera to capture this memory!

All of our stylists have the knowledge of how to deal with anxious children that are fearful of hair cuts. Our staff will take away your child's fears by distraction, assuring, and redirecting them.

When planning & preparing a 1st Cut keep these few things in mind for a great experience.

1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment to get the child comfortable about the surroundings. 

2. Make sure the child is not ready for their nap or hungry near the appointment time.

3. Bring you child's favorite snack and favorite toy with them for comfort.

4. Don't talk about the trimmer or clipper, this only draws more attention to it and brings on anxiety.

5. Prepare and talk to your child about what happens when you get your haircut .

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