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Absolute Kids Spa Party

Best Birthday Party Venue / Kids Ear Piercing in Milwaukee, Waukesha, & Racine WI

Ear Piercing for Kids, Children, Baby's and Adults WI


At A Absolute Kids Spa Party Salon we are licensed, sanitary, professional, and have 35 years of piercing experience. Our salon located in New Berlin is required by the law to provide the highest standard of sanitation. Our salon uses a sterilized gun method to pierce the ears and we are required by the state law to wear gloves for the service. Our earrings are nickel safe, surgical steel, hypo allergenic. 14 kt upon request. 

We provide a kid friend atmosphere to make kids feel comfortable. We are not some adult tattoo piercing salon that looks dark and gothic.  Child must be 6 months old or older.

Piercing Service requires a guardian to fill & sign a consent form if under the age of 18 years. We start piercing 4 months year old and up. Children should have their regular shots first before getting their ears pierced.


A ear care instruction will be given to you to take home to know how to care for your new piercing. Ear Care Lotion is recommended to keep ears clean and sanitary that we sell  too. Our salon offers this service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and some Sundays. Call for an appointment

@ 262-938-5999 Cash or Check only.

Piercings start at $30 and go up depending on the choice of earring picked.

 What We Need To Know

   When your child first gets an ear piercing, make sure it is done by someone who is experienced, and who uses sterile equipment. The earring posts should be made of 14-carat gold or stainless steel. The posts should be worn for six weeks – and the earring clasp applied loosely, to allow for swelling. During those six weeks, the posts should be turned about three rotations, twice a day (be sure to first wash your hands and both sides of the earlobes with rubbing alcohol). By the end of six weeks, the lining of the channel made by the piercing should be healed. (University of Michigan Health System)

   Signs that an ear piercing is infected are: the skin around the piercing may be swollen, red and hurt to the touch. There may also be pus coming from the piercing. Minor infections can be treated with over-the counter antibiotic ointments – as well as warm compresses and mild sea salt soaks. (American Academy of Family Physicians)

   Call your doctor as soon as possible if an earring clasp becomes embedded in the earlobe and can’t be removed; if the redness or swelling spreads beyond the piercing, if your child develops a fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, if the infection doesn’t improve after 24 hours of treatment – and, of course, if you are concerned your child may be seriously ill. (University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital)

   Teach your child to prevent pierced-ear infections. Remind them not to touch their earrings except when they are being inserted or removed; and to clean the earring, the post and the ear lobe with rubbing alcohol before insertion. Also, they should apply the earring clasp loosely: pressure from tight earrings reduces blood flow to the ear lobe, putting it at risk for infections. (Children’s Memorial Hospital – Chicago)

Resources   Aurora Health Care - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

   Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media

 Licensed, Professional, Sanitary, & 32 years of experience, we are not a salon that has teenagers working on your child.