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Absolute Kids Spa Party

Best Birthday Party Venue / Kids Ear Piercing in Milwaukee, Waukesha, & Racine WI

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Chrissa Woodson reviewed a month ago

I searched around for an alternative to the mall type piercing places for my 2 year old daughter. I found this and read reviews and made he appointment. I couldn't have been any happier with the outcome! They stressed the importance of sanitized equipment and I was very happy with that and the whole process. Would definitely recommend to any family and friends for a child's ear piercings!

Alexa Tatalovich reviewed 7 months ago

 CAUTION EXTREME FUN: Greatest Place for Girl Parties :-)

The staff here are extraordinary! They were only expecting 6 girls from the 20+ girls invited, and low and behold all the girls showed up! The staff handled the extreme girl power of giggles and chaos, as if it was just another day. They kept things organize, even with the overwhelming number of girls, getting each girl exactly what they wanted as their makeover and accessories. They made each girl feel special and did amazing job, getting everyone done in a timely manner and also entertaining those who waited for nails, hair, or makeup. I have no idea how they did it but it was a whirlwind of organization, especially when we were not expecting so many, but they made it possible! A customer with a little boy walked in towards the end and he was even able to get his haircut among the midst of singing, screaming, laughing girls. The girls had a runway show and head shots done it was just fabulous! My daughter loved every minute of it!

 Cheryl Andersen reviewed 5 months ago

 My grand daughter was here from Texas during March, 2012 for her birthday. All she wanted was to get her ears pierced (6 years old). I researched several facilities in a 30 mile radius and was immediately drawn to "A Hair for Kids Salon". Sanitary conditions were stressed as well as mom being involved in the process, to help alleviate any fears the child might have. My grand daughter picked out her earrings and 10 minutes later, was smiling in the mirror at her new "sparkly" reflection (only one tear). She was so happy! The owner of the salon personally does the piercings. She has such a great way with kids, it would put any child at ease!

 Lauren Shea Saddy  reviewed 8 months ago

 I had my daughter's ears pierced here last week and was so happy that the owner went through everything she was doing for sanitation. All of the staff members went above and beyond to make this a great experience. I felt very comfortable with them and the new earrings look adorable on her!!




Testimonials of our loyal happy customers of A Hair for Kids Salon LLC


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